September 11, 2011

i've moved...

to all of you who read my blog...i have moved!

I now blog at

please check it out :) I just love the interface way better and have a better time sharing relevent things with you all :)

Thanks for all of the support on blogspot!

XOXO my lovelies

July 24, 2011


do it

it is not okay that i'm in canada

in the spirit of summer i thought i would blog about some infinity pool pictures i came across. besides the fact that it is beautiful and sunny right now and i am stuck inside because i am sick, add to that picture me looking longingly at pictures of infinity pools. i officially want to move somewhere warm and cool and have an unreal pool to tan by, jump in, or ... take pictures of

enjoy these and i hope you get as antsy to get away as i am. its not fair for me to suffer alone.

a mansion made of iron

okay...well not really. but im sure all of you have heard of Iron Man at one point or another. during the film series, Tony Stark played Iron Man and used a mansion during the filming. that mansion is now up for sale for $25 million!! thought you'd like to see how amazing it is!! any bidders out there?

are they facebook worthy?

July 23, 2011

read between the words

odd words of wisdom

this video is for molly

okay so i lip synced for a friend on video to remind her of this massive lip sync sesh we had over skype today (do you girls ever do that? pretty much we just pretend were in music videos...over skype).

this one today happened SO RANDOMLY and i filmed a bit of it but perhaps that will be revealed another time (BLACKMAIL molly!!)

so i needed to wall post molly (do you remember her? i blogged about her once HERE!) to remind her of the blackmail and to let her never forget our moment shared tonight. we decided to do one a night btw so get ready...

so since she jinxed all video wall posting (aka they do NOT work) i am resorting to posting this video on my blog....great...maybe you'll all enjoy my late-night-lip-syncing!

July 21, 2011

nothing short of beauty


finals are quickly approaching for me so i thought it would make sense that i posted this! who agrees with these steps? im sure all of you use them..

hoe tips

for some reason all of you lovelies enjoy hoe tips the most out of anything else i blog about...maybe it's cause you're all a bunch of hoes? who cares, ENJOY:

the olsen twins

where are those girls these days?! if you know, tell me, cause i miss them!

i've been home sick a few days and i cant seem to concentrate on anything other than drinking green tea and watching movies, so today i got into some old olsen twin movies! i watched new york minute and holiday in the sun. both movies have just been so carefree and nice to watch! my next one on the list is our lips are sealed!

i'll admit, during most of the movies i can't tell which is which, but that doesn't matter to me. both girls are just so full of life and energy, and so naturally beautiful, and down to earth seeming. even though they are twins though, you can tell that each of them have their own personality and that's what i love!!

if you need a "way back playback" but in movie form, check out some of the olsen movies. they're to die!


the women

this is a quote i heard in the movie called the women. who can relate?

"It feels like someone kicked you in the stomach. Feels like your heart stopped beating. Feels like that dream, you know the one when you are falling, and you want so desperately to wake up before you hit the ground, but it's all out of control. You can't trust anything anymore, no one is who they say they are, your life is changed forever. And the only thing to come out of the whole ugly experience is no one will be able to break your heart like that again."

July 15, 2011

what dreams mean

relationship dynamics


a new summer track: the dirty tees

i don't know how many of you have heard of The Dirty Tees. if you have, you're lucky to have their music as a part of your itunes and every day life.  if you haven't, sucks to be you, but i'll tell you a bit about them.

the band began in 2010 and the two members are Ryan Freeman and Grant Peters from Oakville, Ontario, Canada. while in university at Western, during their first year, they began by doing remixes of songs and got a lot of feedback and support which led to quick success. last august they released their first single "where we are" and it was a huge hit! through the success of their first track, the band managed to get connected with Natasha Bedingfield and they did a remix of one of her songs called "touch." after this, the boys started a working relationship with her and moved to LA which leads me to the point of this post.

they dropped a new song YESTERDAY and i have had it on repeat since i downloaded it. it's called Miracle and it's a Fragma cover, featuring the one and only Natasha Bedingfield. you honestly will NOT regret downloading it (it's a FREE download) and you should also check out the rest of the tracks they've released. most are available for free downloads, so get on it, and start to create your summer soundtrack!

the music is unreal, you can feel the creativity of the two band members, and the genre of music is right on track with what is popular right now. i downloaded it last night before bed and it's already been played 22 times. i sang along to it the whole time i straightened my hair (and i have BIG hair so that was for a while...) and i can't wait to add it to my "PRE" playlist for tonight! trust me, it's worth the free download!

click HERE to download Miracle (Fragma Cover) - The Dirty Tees Feat. Natasha Bedingfield
click HERE to follow The Dirty Tees on twitter
click HERE to "like" The Dirty Tees Music on facebook
click HERE to check out the rest of their tracks

UPDATE: this song was mentioned on PEREZ HILTON and is now top 50 on hypem, so get listening!!!

lyrics to live by

beauty tips

hi lovelies!!
i stumbled across these beauty tips that you should all know!! i wish i had a notebook filled with tips so that i could access them on the go. i learn all these things and then seem to forget them when i need them! anyways, take a look, i think you'll find at least a few of these new and useful:

1. Applying eyeshadow on top of eyeliner with a damp cotton wool bud will keep the eyeliner in place for longer

2. Eye drops placed into the eye during the day will make the eyes sparkle and help to relieve tiredness from use of the computer – great to have in your bag or on the desk

3. Eyebrow tinting – great for fair skin and fair hair as it enhances the colour of the eyebrows and brings definition to eyes and face

4. Brush your lips with an old toothbrush every day and apply Vaseline, as this will remove dead skin

5. For tired feet – stand up and lift one leg at a time behind you and rotate the foot, repeat with each foot 10 times