February 24, 2011

smile...pass it on!

the title of this blog is the slogan from a new shoe company i stumbled across in florida - they're called Sanuk. the name of this brand comes from the thai word, SanĂ¼k, which means fun. 

i'm telling you, these shoes do not feel like shoes. in fact, what's written on the tag is "they're not shoes...they're sandals." they fit like a sandal, have the comfort of the sandle, but have the look of a shoe. the best part? i bought a white pair and as soon as they're dirty you can just throw them in the washing machine!

check them out if you're looking for a good priced, comfortable shoe. my boyfriend has a pair, his mom has a pair, i have a pair, and we all love them! the mens ones are cool too because you can get the full shoe, just the flip flop, or the ones i uploaded to this blog which are a backless shoe - perfect for the summer or being down south. 

check out the site, check out the shoes, and let me know if you grab a pair! they really are great. so smile...and pass it on :)

February 22, 2011

a new vodka trend?

thoughts? check out this recipe and let me know! i bet it'd be refreshing!

The Stiff Cuke
(Provided by Greg Seider, operations manager and mixologist at The Summit Bar in New York City)
What you’ll need:
2 oz. cucumber vodka
1 oz lime juice
1 oz. diluted agave nectar (1/2 oz. water, 1/2 oz. agave. Simple syrup works, too.)
Ginger beer
How to make it:
1. Muddle one slice of cucumber in a shaker.
2. Add cucumber vodka, lime juice, and agave syrup and shake.
3. Strain into a collins glass over ice and top with ginger beer.
4. Garnish with another slice of cucumber

piranha ate my brain

i don't know if any of you have heard of this movie, piranha. it came out in 3D at some point too. i watched it last night (thank god i downloaded it and didn't pay for it) and it was honestly the worst movie i have ever seen. i just wanted everyone in the movie to die so that it would end.

it takes place during spring break on some lake in arizona, and we watched it for kind of a "light" thriller - and it honestly was the WORST. hence the title of this post - i felt stupid after watching the movie.

the special effects were awful. the good actors were killed off. the lines were cheesy. the "thrills" were predictable. some of the acting/lines were soooo scripted (obviously, because it's a movie - but i mean at least good actors make the lines believable) and some of the great actors (richard dreyfuss, jerry o'connel & christopher lloyd) definitely wasted their talent.

point is - if you want a good laugh and some annoyance, watch this movie. let's just say, this movie was a 2010 release and jaws was a 1975 release...i'm sure you can guess which movie i think had better effects.

February 21, 2011


since i'm having the best time here i don't even know what else to blog about! if you haven't checked out the florida keys, i highly recommend that you do. they really don't have that "florida" feel. today we had a beautiful lunch right along the intercoastal, and tomorrow we're renting a boat for the day to cruise through it. i'll be sure to take pictures of the HUGE houses on it. i can dream right?

on wednesday it's matts birthday so that'll be exciting in itself :) then on thursday we're going to hit up siesta beach which is apparently the second best beach in the world! I can't even explain how white the sand is - i'll be sure to take a picture! friday matt & i are renting jet skis to go down the intercoastal which i'm really excited for! i forgot my boat license at home though so have to re-write a test...annnnnoying. SATURDAY is going to be supppper exciting! I AM GOING TO GO SNORKELING WITH MANATEES! apparently you can pet them and everything! and they might even decide to naw on your snorkel if you're lucky! i hope i am :) i always thought they were closest related to the cow, but it's in fact the elephant, so i'm SUPER EXCITED. won't have time to learn to dive, but the next time i'm in the caribbean i promised myself i would!

thought i'd give another update. definitely don't miss the snow & the rain, and i'm already dreading leaving here. if anything, though, being here has motivated me to work hard so that maybe one day i can have a place down south somewhere with a nice white jeep wrangler to cruise around in!

talk sooooooon

ps...did i mention that the sunset tonight was one of the prettiest i've ever seen!?

i'm missing in action

sorry that i haven't blogged in a while! i've had no time...i've been relaxing in the keys down south! i'm actually not sorry that i haven't been around, i mean look at the view i have here:

that picture is kind of bad quality because i took it on my phone (i'll post more soon), but it's super beautiful here. we're in florida, but it definitely feels like we're somewhere tropical. the waters are blue and turquoise, the sand is white as ever, and the sun has been shining cloud free since i got here on friday! 

no complaints. and sorry to rub it in. just thought i'd explain why i've been missing :) hope everyone else is having a fun & safe spring break, i'm off to tan some more!

how crazy is this?

check out this article i found on twitter!

"On August 16, 1960, as research for a then-fledgling U.S. space program, Air Force Captain Joseph Kittinger rode his Excelsior III helium balloon to the edge of space, 102,800 feet above the earth -- a feat in itself. Then, wearing just a thin pressure suit and breathing supplemental oxygen, he leaned over the cramped confines of his gondola and jumped -- into the 110-degree-below-zero near-vacuum of space. Within seconds his body accelerated to over 600 mph in the thin air, approaching the sound barrier. After free-falling for more than four and a half minutes, slowed finally by friction from the heavier air below, he felt his parachute open at 14,000 feet, and he coasted gently down to the New Mexico desert floor."

crazy right? maybe i'll try it sometime....not

February 18, 2011

plane letters

i was sitting around with my roommates last night while i was packing for Florida (YES I AM IN THE AIRPORT RIGHT NOW..aka if i'm MIA for the next week or so i willlll be back with lots of stories and pictures!) and i brought up how i used to write plane letters to my friends before they would go on trips. one of my roommates told me she still has one from when i gave it to her years ago! so now you're probably wondering what a plane letter is? it's normally just a letter being like "have a good trip i'll miss you" but i used to make some SERIOUS plane letters.

mine would usually take up around 15 pages of paper, so much sometimes that i'd need to upgrade to a larger envelope. there is a strict rule that goes with plane letters: you are not allowed to open them until you are elevated and actually in the sky. not on the runway. not with the front wheel of the ground. IN THE SKY. so the first page of my plane letters would usually be a title page, and then the next 4 pages would be stop signs saying things like "STOP. DO NOT OPEN THIS LETTER UNLESS YOU ARE IN THE SKY." the next one might say "I HAVE SPIES YOU KNOW..." and the next one might be like "ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE IN THE SKY?!" and then it would say: "OKAY...I BELIEVE YOU...OPEN IT!"

the next page or so would be a letter telling the person to have a great trip, and just nice things so if they were nervous flying maybe they'd relax.

then the good pages started! i'd make personalized word searches and cross words. i'd set up tic tac toe and hangman boards. i'd put lyrics of songs and leave a space blank and have them fill in the missing words. i'd ask trivia questions. then i'd have an answer page. i'd put connect the dots pictures. i'd even leave blank places so that they could be creative.

the next page would normally be some contact information of myself (email, phone numbers, etc) in case of emergencies of course! then probably a few pictures of me and the person the letter was for, some song suggestions for the plane, and suggestions of fun things to do while on the plane alone (tripping someone walking down the aisle, seeing how long you could hold your breath, walking up and down the aisle for exercise, etc.)

as you can probably/hopefully tell, i used to make the BEST plane letters.  if you were lucky enough to receive one, i hope you still have it. thank you to those who made ME the best plane letters too - they're actually so fun to read!

take this blog as the hint that i'm going to bring them back in style...just watch.

February 17, 2011

going green, one search at a time

so you want to be more "green" but you hate recycling, love long showers, and hate living in darkness. what can you do?!

hmmm...i'm willing to bet all of you are on your computer at least 4 hours a day (2 of those hours spent reading my blog of course). you're probably on facebook, looking at my blog, checking the latest sports scores, or on celebrity gossip magazines. you might also be looking a lot of things up...and i'm guessing you use google to do this!

well, i have a challenge and a suggestion for all of you. when you have a question for the internet, need to prove someone wrong by looking up a fact, or need to search anything, go to www.ecosia.org. it is powered by bing and yahoo, so you are guaranteed great search results! another plus? this is a step towards helping you be more green!

so how does it work:
give it a try! if you want more information, there's a full explanation when you go to www.ecosia.org! there's no way to lose from trying it out...in fact, all you can do is win! you're being more green :)

egg sandy

i appologize because this picture isn't accurate. if i didn't feel so guilty about how much i've already eaten today, i would've made my own and posted a picture. point is: i really want an egg sandy right now

so how do you make an egg sandy you might ask?

ingredients (serves 1)

2 eggs
sliced cheddar cheese
2 pieces of whole wheat bread
salt & pepper


grease a pan and put on burner on medium heat
mix eggs into a bowl with a splash of milk
pour mixed eggs onto pan, let sit for a few minutes
place 2 pieces of toast in the toaster

...slice cheese while you wait

flip eggs around until they are cooked (for the best effect try to keep them together on the pan almost like an omlette...or just ask my roommate allie to make them for you!)

when toast is done, put on a plate and spread a good amount of mayo on both pieces
place the eggs on one side of the toast, and put cheese slices on immediately after so that they melt
shake some salt and pepper on top
put the other piece of toast on top to make it a sandwich
cut in half (triangles or rectangles - whatever you're feeling)

pour some ketchup on the side, dip, & enjoy

now if this doesn't make you want an egg sandy i don't know what will
BRB i'm going to go make one :)

i wasn't kidding, i just went and made one (wow allie did this REALLY just happen?!). we substituted eggs for egg whites. you can even add onions, spices, whatever you want!

February 16, 2011


"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words." 

my friend wrote that quote to me in a card she gave me for my birthday (don't worry you didn't miss it! it's march 1).  the quote has been floating around in my head the last few days so i thought i'd share it. it's pretty comforting i'd say. 

toronto gives attitude

this is a picture of toronto at night taken from outer space. it looks like the city is giving the finger:

i can deal

this years red carpet trend was electric blue. i will definitely NOT complain as this is one of my favourite colours. 

February 15, 2011

shower playlists

admit it: we all have songs we LOVE to sing to or listen to in the shower. there may be so many that there is a need to make a playlist on our ipod entitled "shower" or "when im allowed to sing" or "CLEAN (even if the songs are dirty)." 

the reason i'm writing about this is because my roommate is currently showering. before she got in, there was no music. now? it's blaring, and i love it.

so far i've heard:
dynamite - taio cruz
ghosts n stuff - deadmau5

i can't wait to hear what comes on next. what's on your shower playlist? (i know you have one...)

i'll even let you all know - i have created many shower playlists in my time. only problem is? my playlists are sooooo good that i get way too into singing and take super long showers...WHOOPS!

keep on singing!  especially when i can't hear you & if i do, you sound good from the echo of the shower walls ;)

February 14, 2011

eminem and rihanna give quite the show

by far the best part of the night last night at the Grammy's was Eminem and Rihanna performing Love the Way You Lie Part II. It got even better when Eminem continued with one of his own songs. point is, this performance was one of the best of the night. i'm actually shocked that eminem didn't sweep up any more awards than the one he won for Best Rap Album. i mean, good for lady antebellum but really? i don't think that song deserved all of the awards. if it's based on talent and creativity and honesty and something REAL, eminem definitely should have swept the show.

if you missed it, check out the performance below. if you saw it, watch it again. it was amazing. no lip syncing..just pure talent.

Grammy Getup 2011

so as most of you probably know, last night was the night for the 53rd Grammy Award show. the pre show was insanely long proving just how many celebrities show up dressed in their finest (well..most of them) for this amazing event.

it would only seem fitting that everyone attending the Grammy's would want to look better than they ever have before, and last night most of them did. the long gowns with beautiful slits up the side, the short but classy dresses. to be honest, the main reason i watch the Grammy's is to check out what everyone is wearing! but when you see some people show up looking like...well..horrible...you just wonder WHY they would want to be seen like that!

i've shown you my favourites and the ones i'm questioning...who do you think dressed the best, and who do you think maybe should have stayed home?

"going goo goo for Gaga"

for anyone who watched the Grammy's last night, you know that the performance Lady Gaga put on was unbeatable. what a great opening performance. not to mention that she showed up in a huge...egg/incubator type thing..

i have never really been a huge fan of her, but after watching that performance i have found a new perspective. i found myself appreciating the performance, and the serious artistic ability that she has. not only does she have a real and strong voice, but she knows how to put on a show! if you missed it, make sure to watch the clip...it's something you HAVE to see:

February 11, 2011

allergies could save your life

this posting is for people with allergies. according to an article from Men's Health, sniffles and sneezing can protect you against brain cancer.

according to the article, the more allergies that you have, the more protected you are! from a study of 1,000 people, 46% of the tumour free subjects had allergies. and it doesn't matter what kind of allergies that you have: pets, bee stings, medicines, or mother nature (aka plants) all seem to be protective against a type of brain cancer called giloma.

it is not proven for sure that there is this positive link between the two, however, it would make sense - people with allergies have a hyperactive immune system, meaning that their bodies could be better prepared to identify and fight off foreign cells. at this point though it is still only a theory, but research is being conducted.

so if you have allergies, stop complaining - after all the pain and irritation and annoyance they cause you, they could actually be helpful in preventing life threatening diseases.

is avril making a comeback?

so the first time i heard avril's new song called what the hell, i hated it. i was like ew, no way, avril is seriously attempting a comeback? NOOO. but i will admit to you all that now this song has grown on me! definitely not a tune for the men, but it's something i could definitely blast while dancing around my room in my underwear cleaning, or before going out while i'm getting ready. it's just a happy sounding song and makes me wanna bounce and skip and run and play in my room! give her a try...even if you don't like it at first, go back to it - you'll just wanna jump around!

i'm a little behind..

if you have not heard this song, you must. if you have heard this song but have not seen this video, you must watch it. i recently heard this song as a remix with another one on my cousin's blog and i HAD to find the song in the background.

it's kind of old, but i'm kind of new to this type of music because of my roommate so excuse me for being behind. this song just makes me feel so...free. i envision myself as a leaf, or one of those white fuzzy flowers - the ones when you blow on them, all the white little fluffs and seeds fly everywhere? well i just imagine i'm one of those things, floating in the sky, getting moved by every slight gust of wind. my cousin feels like she's in the rainforest. it's just a song that makes you feel so free.

this music video though breaks my heart. could you imagine girls? ugh it just sucks...like how well each of the movements mesh so perfectly with the beat, it's like it's supposed to happen and shows how messed up the situation is.

check it out, let me know what you think. if you have any other similar songs let me know about them!

February 10, 2011

EAT BREAKFAST...& 4 other simple nutrition rules

i've never been a fan of breakfast. unless it looks like the picture above (McDonalds new breakfast sandwich) or is a bowl of reeses puffs or is a bagel with smoked salmon on it. it's mostly because i wake up not feeling hungry & need to be up for a while before i am, or i'd just rather eat a great lunch later on! i know for a fact that i'm not alone being a non-breakfast eater.

for everyone who doesn't eat breakfast, or thinks there's other things they could do to improve their nutrtion, here are some easy tips taken from Mens Health:


it's true: people who eat breakfast do tend to have a higher total calorie intake within a day. BUT, they also get more fiber, calcium, and other micronutrients than skippers do. breakfast eaters also tend to consumer less gross things like pop, french fries, and instead eat more fruits, vegetables, and milk. breakfast eaters are approximately 30% less likely to be overweight or obese because it gets your metabolism going for the ay - um GIRLS what a bonus! we get to eat more, to weigh less! WOOOOH

2. snacking

snack for a reason. if you're hungry between meals, have a snack. but don't snack for the excuse to eat an oreo...snack healthy! triscuits and peanut butter, string cheese, homemade popcorn, or a chocolatey banana recipe my cousin posted on her blog..SO GOOD

3. watch your portions

according to the analysis of the Nationwide Food Consumption Survey, since 1977 hamburgers have increased by 97 calories, french fries by 68 calories, and mexican foods by 133 calories! a simple way to make sure that you aren't over eating is to buy smaller sized cups, bowls, and plates. it will still look like you're filling the bowl, but you'll be eating less. i definitely have this problem with kraft dinner..i mean the noodles are SO SMALL that half a box doesn't fill a bowl...so i mean why not eat the whole box? it fits, right? NO. DON'T.

4. drink responsibly

this doesn't mean cut out drinking alcohol for all of you party animals! but seriously - drink LOTS...of water! a suggestion would be to keep a Brita, or a container, of water in the fridge with some ice, and keep some limes, oranges, lemons, or cucumbers handy to spice that water up! drinking more water makes you full, and therefore you wont find yourself snacking on silly things. be careful of juice as well - juice contains more % sugar than it does water! crazy right? make sure on the label it says 100% fruit juice, and you're good!

5. set the mood

and by this, i mean set the table! eating in front of the TV causes you to intake more calories. since you're distracted watching TV, you don't even remember how much you've eaten, so later on you will be more prone to snacking (this is more true for women than men).

these tips are short, simple, and easy to implement into your every day life. give them a try - none of them involve giving up food, so why not?!

rain, rain (and clouds), go away!

i'm not sure how many of you know this yet, but i am currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada because i go to school here. if you've never been, it's definitely somewhere to check out - in the SUMMER. that's when i first did my tour of the city and i absolutely fell in love with it here.

then i moved here. and i have lived here for almost 2 years. and i'm telling you, the amount of rain is enough to make me depressed! in the middle of winter, we get an amazing snow storm that calls for a snow day. that same night, it rains and the snow turns to slush and the streets are once again flooded.

this post may be boring, but i just needed to tell someone about how tired i am of this weather! maybe if you're all aware, mother nature will get embarassed and give me some SUN or something. i'm not asking for 30 degree weather, but i'm asking for a little break. maybe at least 2 days in a row of sun? PLEASE?

all i can say is, can't wait for florida in 8 days...

February 9, 2011

looking for talent? look no further

you are #1 and we are your #1 fans!

we were on fire when you sang burn ;)

so these pictures are screenshots of one of my best friends Molly Brown. she has been singing for as long as i have known her and she has only gotten better by the years! one time in grade 7 we sang together in a talent show and guess who's mic didn't work? HERS. i was mortified. but good times right?

point is: shes unreal. i have been her number one fan (NO JOKE) since like grade 4 when i met her (okay that's also not true...i used to bully her). but for real, we became tight in grade 7 and since then i have ALWAYS been her number one fan, and she knows it (she wrote a song about me...JEALOUS?)

you should all check out her music though, for real. she goes to Berklee School of Music in Boston, so if that doesn't tell you she's unreal, i know these links will:

are apps getting to be a bit too much?

so i was on twitter (remember to follow me!) and i came across this article from CNN. it's an app that apparently helps catholic (but i guess whoever wants to) people confess "on the go."

i decided to post this as a blog posting because i wanted to know what you all thought of this. i LOVE iphone apps, i have 102 on my phone! but an app to confess on the go? can you really not walk 5 minutes to your church?

this app costs $1.99 and apparently is not intended to replace the confessional. it is designed to "compliment the act of confession offering a personal examination of conscience (password-protected lol) and a step by step guide to sin-confessing." the app has been popular because it provides suggested acts of sin and the ability to add sins that aren't listed in a standard examination of conscience.

so what do you think? are apps like this really necessary? or is this a bit too much?

personally, the ones i find interesting and necessary are these, check them out if you haven't already:

only the best game ever...you shoot birds at pigs - sounds stupid, but it's addicting!
you all know i love twitter...

i love Shazam. i can just hold my phone up when a cool song is playing and it tells me title/artist!

i love reading my horoscope. i do it every day. it's especially great when the horoscope is bang on!

cold & flu "myths" examined

every year the winter strikes, and every year we get sick. whether that be a cold, the flu, or just a cough, it SUCKS to be sick. it hurts to leave your bed. you're cold and then you're hot. you can't tell if you're hungry, or if maybe you feel sick. so when it comes to preventing cold&flu or treating them, there are obviously many different things that we rely on. but are we doing the right thing, or are we practicing something that doesn't even work?

1. chicken soup helps relieve symptoms

this in fact is TRUE. so bring on that chicken noodle soup PLEASE. sorry though - chicken noodle soup doesn't help due to your amazingly original recipe. it helps because when you lean over a bowl of warm, steamy soup, the humidified air helps break up nasal congestion. along with the obvious fact that soup is a liquid, and drinking liquids helps keep you hydrated and get better!

2. going outside with wet hair when it's cold can make you sick

this is FALSE. colds are caused by a virus, not by doing snow angels with soaking wet hair. actually, in the winter you are more likely to get sick by staying inside because you're close to people and therefore passing germs!

3. antibiotics can treat colds and flu

this is also FALSE. colds and flu are caused by a virus, and antibiotics treat bacterial infections. antibiotics will only help with the muscle and head aches. 

4. you can spread a cold or flu even without symptoms

TRUE. 20 to 30% of people carrying the influenza virus have no symptoms which means they can transmit the virus without even knowing. it takes 2 to 3 days for symptoms to appear, and before that time the virus is still bouncing around to anyone around you

just thought i'd share some advice during these last winter months! stay healthy :)

a day that shouldn't actually be dreaded (by men)

i wonder what the topic of this post is...i thought i'd start with a light video so that the men who were about to scroll right past this post would know that i'm not taking the generally assumed women role for valentines day. in fact, i'm backing them up!

guys, you all know (but pretend not to know) what day is coming up next week...in fact, i can tell you that it is in exactly 5 days! do you know what i'm talking about? VALENTINES DAY. i know men tend to hate this "holiday" because it's not actually a holiday (i mean we still have work, school) and because it is probably wayyyy overrated. now i may be speaking for myself, but i feel confident assuming that most ladies would agree with me: we don't actually care about valentines day because of the presents, the chocolate (okay maybe the chocolate) or the lovey dovey stuff. for me, valentines day is just about knowing that there is ONE day of the year that can soley be about you and your significant other.

my boyfriend reads my blog, so he's probably rolling his eyes right now and thinking to himself that i am writing this just to hint something, but i'm being perfectly honest - i don't care to be spoiled with jewelry and flowers and chocolates, i just like to know that on February 14th, no matter what else is going on, my man appreciates me, our relationship, and it's a day where there's no hiding how special we are to each other and he can tell me how he feels a gazillion times in a gazillion different ways and not have to feel "un-manly" because he's allowed to on this day!

guys, we don't need expensive dinners. we don't need diamonds. (but i mean if you WANT you can always spice the day up with these things...). and we may pretend not to notice that you dread this day, but we sincerely do know that and that's why we try to make it fun for you as well. i didn't take the leap to "plan" anything for this day coming up (i left that to my boyfriend ;) ), but i definitely have some tricks up my sleeve that i know he will enjoy.

instead of being deathly afraid of this day because its pink and red and heart-y and sparkly and girly, you should look forward to this day! your girl is probably always hassling you to tell her how you feel, or to appreciate her, or to start planning some dates because she does it all the time! this day is a freebie for you guys to do even the smallest thing, but show that special girl in your life that you really do care for her, and you want to show her. i'm sure you all show your girlfriends every day how you feel, but the fact that there is one day of the year that is set aside just for you two, should be whats important.

so if you think this "holiday" is overrated, cliche, and stupid, at least pretend to over look that for ONE DAY. we know you hate it. you tell us all the time. but even if it's sending your girl flowers with a card that says how much you love her rack, you're taking the time to tell her how you feel in a different way than you normally would. i'm telling you boys, it's the little things that matter with us.  we DO notice the small things! even something like, if your girl has mentioned she's been cravinggggg a certain type of food - remembering that, and cooking it for her, or taking her out for it would mean the world. even the most high maintenance of girls would love the simple gesture of a card telling her how you feel, a night blocked off JUST for you 2 alone, and just recognition that she is your valentine and you want no one else.

so ladies, take it easy on your man. he's not superman, and he's not a girl which means all this "feeling" stuff isn't as appealing is it is to us. if he wishes you happy valentines day, says you're his valentine, gives you a nice card, and even just invites you over for some dinner and TV making sure his roommate is out of the house, appreciate it. we all know that men HATE this day, so if they're even trying to do little things to make you happy it should mean a lot :)


Alexander Wang, $495
Diane von Furstenberg $128 

Michael Michael Kors, $500

who doesn't like the switch from winter to spring fashion? personally, fall & spring fashion are my favourite! you go from dark boots, dark tones, tights to light colours, neutral tones, and completely new styles of pants, skirts, dresses, and shoes to choose from! but we can't forget about how to accessorize our new spring clothing.

this spring, TOTES are the bag that you want! they are not yet complicated, but with a simple scheme of black,cream, and white you can use these totes now and carry them into late spring and even summer.

i'm so down for these bags - everything will fit in them. camera, wallet, phone, and even a little puppy if you want (LOL)

February 8, 2011

girls, look what i just found!

ATTENTION LADIES: we have scored big time!! a study on male attachment conducted by Match.com could prove that men get attached more easily than women. surprising right? i know all the men reading this right away will try to deny to maintain their "manliness" but we can just snicker because we now know the truth! here are some of the shocking facts:

54% of guys say they've felt love at first site compared to 44% of women.

77% of women say having personal space is extremely important, compared to 58% of men saying the same thing

23% of men think it is crucial to have regular nights out with the guys, compared to 35% of women saying they need girls nights

according to the article, when guys fall for a girl and become hooked, even if it happens slowly, they are almost always a bit more attached to the relationship than their partner. studies say that this could come from the fact that women have such close relationships with their girlfriends outside of the relationship with their guy. on the contrary, when a man gets into a relationship he comes to depend almost exclusively on his girlfriend for emotional support, whereas women continue to turn to their closest girls for help to avoid overwhelming their man.

so what do you think about this? could it be true? i'd say it's a sigh of relief to read an article like this - at least we know that if we've fallen for a guy, they've probably fallen just as much. so stop worrying and doubting your mans feelings, deep down he's sensitive just like us. again, no guy would probably openly admit to this article being true, so don't harras your man - he deserves to maintain his rugged, manly persona.

at least, now, we have this little secret in our mind to keep us confident with our relationships :)

personally, i think it's okay that men show emotions sometimes - just like girls! i was told once though that we can't try to turn men into women by asking them to express themselves all the time emotionally. i'd say that's still the job of the girl, but at least we know that deep down our man loves us back just us much...or maybe more ;)

don't completely write off long distance..

in case you can't tell, i'm obsessed with the girl above. her name is hannah. and this blog would not be my blog if i did not mention her a million times, so this is her first mention. i call her slit, she calls me boo (don't ask). we both love sushi...TOO MUCH. drink of choice? beer, or hard liquor, whichever is more suiting/fun for the night. favourite artists? david archuleta, natasha bedingfield, chris brown, and we can't forget justin bieber! the reason this whole post is about us? there's something that you may not be able to tell from the pictures- we rarely see each other..

i've known hannah since grade 8, and when it was time for university we both chose different places. hannah remained in ontario, and i moved to nova scotia. SHITTY right? well i mean not really. considering we text each other 24/7, spontaniously skype probably once a week, and now that her phone works call each other some times, i could almost be sick of her!

point is, come university, or a fork in the road, you don't need to assume that distance will ruin a relationship. this can relate to boyfriends as well ladies (i've done that too)! in fact, distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder. the amount we talk, when we see each other it's like a day hasn't even passed! it's great, and if you're lucky to have friends/boyfriends/girlfriends who you can maintain this kind of relationship with, you're golden.

so don't completely write off long distance. it's not as bad as you may think! makes you understand why maybe i take so many pictures now huh? i always love to look back on the memories.