February 11, 2011

allergies could save your life

this posting is for people with allergies. according to an article from Men's Health, sniffles and sneezing can protect you against brain cancer.

according to the article, the more allergies that you have, the more protected you are! from a study of 1,000 people, 46% of the tumour free subjects had allergies. and it doesn't matter what kind of allergies that you have: pets, bee stings, medicines, or mother nature (aka plants) all seem to be protective against a type of brain cancer called giloma.

it is not proven for sure that there is this positive link between the two, however, it would make sense - people with allergies have a hyperactive immune system, meaning that their bodies could be better prepared to identify and fight off foreign cells. at this point though it is still only a theory, but research is being conducted.

so if you have allergies, stop complaining - after all the pain and irritation and annoyance they cause you, they could actually be helpful in preventing life threatening diseases.