February 9, 2011

are apps getting to be a bit too much?

so i was on twitter (remember to follow me!) and i came across this article from CNN. it's an app that apparently helps catholic (but i guess whoever wants to) people confess "on the go."

i decided to post this as a blog posting because i wanted to know what you all thought of this. i LOVE iphone apps, i have 102 on my phone! but an app to confess on the go? can you really not walk 5 minutes to your church?

this app costs $1.99 and apparently is not intended to replace the confessional. it is designed to "compliment the act of confession offering a personal examination of conscience (password-protected lol) and a step by step guide to sin-confessing." the app has been popular because it provides suggested acts of sin and the ability to add sins that aren't listed in a standard examination of conscience.

so what do you think? are apps like this really necessary? or is this a bit too much?

personally, the ones i find interesting and necessary are these, check them out if you haven't already:

only the best game ever...you shoot birds at pigs - sounds stupid, but it's addicting!
you all know i love twitter...

i love Shazam. i can just hold my phone up when a cool song is playing and it tells me title/artist!

i love reading my horoscope. i do it every day. it's especially great when the horoscope is bang on!