February 8, 2011

the bachelor

so i'm sure many of you have tuned in to watch the Bachelor at least one Monday night. am i right? my boyfriend and i have gotten kind of in to it, and we watch it every week. i won't try to lie - i'm hooked. but when i'm done watching it, i always find myself asking: is this really a good way to find love?

ladies, we can all relate - it's no fun being "with" a guy while he's hooking up with girls on the side. how is that fair to anyone? so my question for you is this: how is the love on the bachelor real, when he's pulling along 8 girls, then 6, then 4, then 2...the WHOLE show? how would you feel, knowing that a day before your "boyfriend" (if you can even call it that...how often do they see each other i mean really?) proposed to you, he was with another girl? definitely NOT the way i would go about finding love.