February 14, 2011

Grammy Getup 2011

so as most of you probably know, last night was the night for the 53rd Grammy Award show. the pre show was insanely long proving just how many celebrities show up dressed in their finest (well..most of them) for this amazing event.

it would only seem fitting that everyone attending the Grammy's would want to look better than they ever have before, and last night most of them did. the long gowns with beautiful slits up the side, the short but classy dresses. to be honest, the main reason i watch the Grammy's is to check out what everyone is wearing! but when you see some people show up looking like...well..horrible...you just wonder WHY they would want to be seen like that!

i've shown you my favourites and the ones i'm questioning...who do you think dressed the best, and who do you think maybe should have stayed home?