February 9, 2011

a day that shouldn't actually be dreaded (by men)

i wonder what the topic of this post is...i thought i'd start with a light video so that the men who were about to scroll right past this post would know that i'm not taking the generally assumed women role for valentines day. in fact, i'm backing them up!

guys, you all know (but pretend not to know) what day is coming up next week...in fact, i can tell you that it is in exactly 5 days! do you know what i'm talking about? VALENTINES DAY. i know men tend to hate this "holiday" because it's not actually a holiday (i mean we still have work, school) and because it is probably wayyyy overrated. now i may be speaking for myself, but i feel confident assuming that most ladies would agree with me: we don't actually care about valentines day because of the presents, the chocolate (okay maybe the chocolate) or the lovey dovey stuff. for me, valentines day is just about knowing that there is ONE day of the year that can soley be about you and your significant other.

my boyfriend reads my blog, so he's probably rolling his eyes right now and thinking to himself that i am writing this just to hint something, but i'm being perfectly honest - i don't care to be spoiled with jewelry and flowers and chocolates, i just like to know that on February 14th, no matter what else is going on, my man appreciates me, our relationship, and it's a day where there's no hiding how special we are to each other and he can tell me how he feels a gazillion times in a gazillion different ways and not have to feel "un-manly" because he's allowed to on this day!

guys, we don't need expensive dinners. we don't need diamonds. (but i mean if you WANT you can always spice the day up with these things...). and we may pretend not to notice that you dread this day, but we sincerely do know that and that's why we try to make it fun for you as well. i didn't take the leap to "plan" anything for this day coming up (i left that to my boyfriend ;) ), but i definitely have some tricks up my sleeve that i know he will enjoy.

instead of being deathly afraid of this day because its pink and red and heart-y and sparkly and girly, you should look forward to this day! your girl is probably always hassling you to tell her how you feel, or to appreciate her, or to start planning some dates because she does it all the time! this day is a freebie for you guys to do even the smallest thing, but show that special girl in your life that you really do care for her, and you want to show her. i'm sure you all show your girlfriends every day how you feel, but the fact that there is one day of the year that is set aside just for you two, should be whats important.

so if you think this "holiday" is overrated, cliche, and stupid, at least pretend to over look that for ONE DAY. we know you hate it. you tell us all the time. but even if it's sending your girl flowers with a card that says how much you love her rack, you're taking the time to tell her how you feel in a different way than you normally would. i'm telling you boys, it's the little things that matter with us.  we DO notice the small things! even something like, if your girl has mentioned she's been cravinggggg a certain type of food - remembering that, and cooking it for her, or taking her out for it would mean the world. even the most high maintenance of girls would love the simple gesture of a card telling her how you feel, a night blocked off JUST for you 2 alone, and just recognition that she is your valentine and you want no one else.

so ladies, take it easy on your man. he's not superman, and he's not a girl which means all this "feeling" stuff isn't as appealing is it is to us. if he wishes you happy valentines day, says you're his valentine, gives you a nice card, and even just invites you over for some dinner and TV making sure his roommate is out of the house, appreciate it. we all know that men HATE this day, so if they're even trying to do little things to make you happy it should mean a lot :)