February 8, 2011

don't completely write off long distance..

in case you can't tell, i'm obsessed with the girl above. her name is hannah. and this blog would not be my blog if i did not mention her a million times, so this is her first mention. i call her slit, she calls me boo (don't ask). we both love sushi...TOO MUCH. drink of choice? beer, or hard liquor, whichever is more suiting/fun for the night. favourite artists? david archuleta, natasha bedingfield, chris brown, and we can't forget justin bieber! the reason this whole post is about us? there's something that you may not be able to tell from the pictures- we rarely see each other..

i've known hannah since grade 8, and when it was time for university we both chose different places. hannah remained in ontario, and i moved to nova scotia. SHITTY right? well i mean not really. considering we text each other 24/7, spontaniously skype probably once a week, and now that her phone works call each other some times, i could almost be sick of her!

point is, come university, or a fork in the road, you don't need to assume that distance will ruin a relationship. this can relate to boyfriends as well ladies (i've done that too)! in fact, distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder. the amount we talk, when we see each other it's like a day hasn't even passed! it's great, and if you're lucky to have friends/boyfriends/girlfriends who you can maintain this kind of relationship with, you're golden.

so don't completely write off long distance. it's not as bad as you may think! makes you understand why maybe i take so many pictures now huh? i always love to look back on the memories.