February 10, 2011

EAT BREAKFAST...& 4 other simple nutrition rules

i've never been a fan of breakfast. unless it looks like the picture above (McDonalds new breakfast sandwich) or is a bowl of reeses puffs or is a bagel with smoked salmon on it. it's mostly because i wake up not feeling hungry & need to be up for a while before i am, or i'd just rather eat a great lunch later on! i know for a fact that i'm not alone being a non-breakfast eater.

for everyone who doesn't eat breakfast, or thinks there's other things they could do to improve their nutrtion, here are some easy tips taken from Mens Health:


it's true: people who eat breakfast do tend to have a higher total calorie intake within a day. BUT, they also get more fiber, calcium, and other micronutrients than skippers do. breakfast eaters also tend to consumer less gross things like pop, french fries, and instead eat more fruits, vegetables, and milk. breakfast eaters are approximately 30% less likely to be overweight or obese because it gets your metabolism going for the ay - um GIRLS what a bonus! we get to eat more, to weigh less! WOOOOH

2. snacking

snack for a reason. if you're hungry between meals, have a snack. but don't snack for the excuse to eat an oreo...snack healthy! triscuits and peanut butter, string cheese, homemade popcorn, or a chocolatey banana recipe my cousin posted on her blog..SO GOOD

3. watch your portions

according to the analysis of the Nationwide Food Consumption Survey, since 1977 hamburgers have increased by 97 calories, french fries by 68 calories, and mexican foods by 133 calories! a simple way to make sure that you aren't over eating is to buy smaller sized cups, bowls, and plates. it will still look like you're filling the bowl, but you'll be eating less. i definitely have this problem with kraft dinner..i mean the noodles are SO SMALL that half a box doesn't fill a bowl...so i mean why not eat the whole box? it fits, right? NO. DON'T.

4. drink responsibly

this doesn't mean cut out drinking alcohol for all of you party animals! but seriously - drink LOTS...of water! a suggestion would be to keep a Brita, or a container, of water in the fridge with some ice, and keep some limes, oranges, lemons, or cucumbers handy to spice that water up! drinking more water makes you full, and therefore you wont find yourself snacking on silly things. be careful of juice as well - juice contains more % sugar than it does water! crazy right? make sure on the label it says 100% fruit juice, and you're good!

5. set the mood

and by this, i mean set the table! eating in front of the TV causes you to intake more calories. since you're distracted watching TV, you don't even remember how much you've eaten, so later on you will be more prone to snacking (this is more true for women than men).

these tips are short, simple, and easy to implement into your every day life. give them a try - none of them involve giving up food, so why not?!