February 17, 2011

egg sandy

i appologize because this picture isn't accurate. if i didn't feel so guilty about how much i've already eaten today, i would've made my own and posted a picture. point is: i really want an egg sandy right now

so how do you make an egg sandy you might ask?

ingredients (serves 1)

2 eggs
sliced cheddar cheese
2 pieces of whole wheat bread
salt & pepper


grease a pan and put on burner on medium heat
mix eggs into a bowl with a splash of milk
pour mixed eggs onto pan, let sit for a few minutes
place 2 pieces of toast in the toaster

...slice cheese while you wait

flip eggs around until they are cooked (for the best effect try to keep them together on the pan almost like an omlette...or just ask my roommate allie to make them for you!)

when toast is done, put on a plate and spread a good amount of mayo on both pieces
place the eggs on one side of the toast, and put cheese slices on immediately after so that they melt
shake some salt and pepper on top
put the other piece of toast on top to make it a sandwich
cut in half (triangles or rectangles - whatever you're feeling)

pour some ketchup on the side, dip, & enjoy

now if this doesn't make you want an egg sandy i don't know what will
BRB i'm going to go make one :)

i wasn't kidding, i just went and made one (wow allie did this REALLY just happen?!). we substituted eggs for egg whites. you can even add onions, spices, whatever you want!