February 8, 2011

girls, look what i just found!

ATTENTION LADIES: we have scored big time!! a study on male attachment conducted by Match.com could prove that men get attached more easily than women. surprising right? i know all the men reading this right away will try to deny to maintain their "manliness" but we can just snicker because we now know the truth! here are some of the shocking facts:

54% of guys say they've felt love at first site compared to 44% of women.

77% of women say having personal space is extremely important, compared to 58% of men saying the same thing

23% of men think it is crucial to have regular nights out with the guys, compared to 35% of women saying they need girls nights

according to the article, when guys fall for a girl and become hooked, even if it happens slowly, they are almost always a bit more attached to the relationship than their partner. studies say that this could come from the fact that women have such close relationships with their girlfriends outside of the relationship with their guy. on the contrary, when a man gets into a relationship he comes to depend almost exclusively on his girlfriend for emotional support, whereas women continue to turn to their closest girls for help to avoid overwhelming their man.

so what do you think about this? could it be true? i'd say it's a sigh of relief to read an article like this - at least we know that if we've fallen for a guy, they've probably fallen just as much. so stop worrying and doubting your mans feelings, deep down he's sensitive just like us. again, no guy would probably openly admit to this article being true, so don't harras your man - he deserves to maintain his rugged, manly persona.

at least, now, we have this little secret in our mind to keep us confident with our relationships :)

personally, i think it's okay that men show emotions sometimes - just like girls! i was told once though that we can't try to turn men into women by asking them to express themselves all the time emotionally. i'd say that's still the job of the girl, but at least we know that deep down our man loves us back just us much...or maybe more ;)