February 17, 2011

going green, one search at a time

so you want to be more "green" but you hate recycling, love long showers, and hate living in darkness. what can you do?!

hmmm...i'm willing to bet all of you are on your computer at least 4 hours a day (2 of those hours spent reading my blog of course). you're probably on facebook, looking at my blog, checking the latest sports scores, or on celebrity gossip magazines. you might also be looking a lot of things up...and i'm guessing you use google to do this!

well, i have a challenge and a suggestion for all of you. when you have a question for the internet, need to prove someone wrong by looking up a fact, or need to search anything, go to www.ecosia.org. it is powered by bing and yahoo, so you are guaranteed great search results! another plus? this is a step towards helping you be more green!

so how does it work:
give it a try! if you want more information, there's a full explanation when you go to www.ecosia.org! there's no way to lose from trying it out...in fact, all you can do is win! you're being more green :)