February 11, 2011

i'm a little behind..

if you have not heard this song, you must. if you have heard this song but have not seen this video, you must watch it. i recently heard this song as a remix with another one on my cousin's blog and i HAD to find the song in the background.

it's kind of old, but i'm kind of new to this type of music because of my roommate so excuse me for being behind. this song just makes me feel so...free. i envision myself as a leaf, or one of those white fuzzy flowers - the ones when you blow on them, all the white little fluffs and seeds fly everywhere? well i just imagine i'm one of those things, floating in the sky, getting moved by every slight gust of wind. my cousin feels like she's in the rainforest. it's just a song that makes you feel so free.

this music video though breaks my heart. could you imagine girls? ugh it just sucks...like how well each of the movements mesh so perfectly with the beat, it's like it's supposed to happen and shows how messed up the situation is.

check it out, let me know what you think. if you have any other similar songs let me know about them!