February 9, 2011

looking for talent? look no further

you are #1 and we are your #1 fans!

we were on fire when you sang burn ;)

so these pictures are screenshots of one of my best friends Molly Brown. she has been singing for as long as i have known her and she has only gotten better by the years! one time in grade 7 we sang together in a talent show and guess who's mic didn't work? HERS. i was mortified. but good times right?

point is: shes unreal. i have been her number one fan (NO JOKE) since like grade 4 when i met her (okay that's also not true...i used to bully her). but for real, we became tight in grade 7 and since then i have ALWAYS been her number one fan, and she knows it (she wrote a song about me...JEALOUS?)

you should all check out her music though, for real. she goes to Berklee School of Music in Boston, so if that doesn't tell you she's unreal, i know these links will: