February 22, 2011

piranha ate my brain

i don't know if any of you have heard of this movie, piranha. it came out in 3D at some point too. i watched it last night (thank god i downloaded it and didn't pay for it) and it was honestly the worst movie i have ever seen. i just wanted everyone in the movie to die so that it would end.

it takes place during spring break on some lake in arizona, and we watched it for kind of a "light" thriller - and it honestly was the WORST. hence the title of this post - i felt stupid after watching the movie.

the special effects were awful. the good actors were killed off. the lines were cheesy. the "thrills" were predictable. some of the acting/lines were soooo scripted (obviously, because it's a movie - but i mean at least good actors make the lines believable) and some of the great actors (richard dreyfuss, jerry o'connel & christopher lloyd) definitely wasted their talent.

point is - if you want a good laugh and some annoyance, watch this movie. let's just say, this movie was a 2010 release and jaws was a 1975 release...i'm sure you can guess which movie i think had better effects.