February 18, 2011

plane letters

i was sitting around with my roommates last night while i was packing for Florida (YES I AM IN THE AIRPORT RIGHT NOW..aka if i'm MIA for the next week or so i willlll be back with lots of stories and pictures!) and i brought up how i used to write plane letters to my friends before they would go on trips. one of my roommates told me she still has one from when i gave it to her years ago! so now you're probably wondering what a plane letter is? it's normally just a letter being like "have a good trip i'll miss you" but i used to make some SERIOUS plane letters.

mine would usually take up around 15 pages of paper, so much sometimes that i'd need to upgrade to a larger envelope. there is a strict rule that goes with plane letters: you are not allowed to open them until you are elevated and actually in the sky. not on the runway. not with the front wheel of the ground. IN THE SKY. so the first page of my plane letters would usually be a title page, and then the next 4 pages would be stop signs saying things like "STOP. DO NOT OPEN THIS LETTER UNLESS YOU ARE IN THE SKY." the next one might say "I HAVE SPIES YOU KNOW..." and the next one might be like "ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE IN THE SKY?!" and then it would say: "OKAY...I BELIEVE YOU...OPEN IT!"

the next page or so would be a letter telling the person to have a great trip, and just nice things so if they were nervous flying maybe they'd relax.

then the good pages started! i'd make personalized word searches and cross words. i'd set up tic tac toe and hangman boards. i'd put lyrics of songs and leave a space blank and have them fill in the missing words. i'd ask trivia questions. then i'd have an answer page. i'd put connect the dots pictures. i'd even leave blank places so that they could be creative.

the next page would normally be some contact information of myself (email, phone numbers, etc) in case of emergencies of course! then probably a few pictures of me and the person the letter was for, some song suggestions for the plane, and suggestions of fun things to do while on the plane alone (tripping someone walking down the aisle, seeing how long you could hold your breath, walking up and down the aisle for exercise, etc.)

as you can probably/hopefully tell, i used to make the BEST plane letters.  if you were lucky enough to receive one, i hope you still have it. thank you to those who made ME the best plane letters too - they're actually so fun to read!

take this blog as the hint that i'm going to bring them back in style...just watch.