February 10, 2011

rain, rain (and clouds), go away!

i'm not sure how many of you know this yet, but i am currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada because i go to school here. if you've never been, it's definitely somewhere to check out - in the SUMMER. that's when i first did my tour of the city and i absolutely fell in love with it here.

then i moved here. and i have lived here for almost 2 years. and i'm telling you, the amount of rain is enough to make me depressed! in the middle of winter, we get an amazing snow storm that calls for a snow day. that same night, it rains and the snow turns to slush and the streets are once again flooded.

this post may be boring, but i just needed to tell someone about how tired i am of this weather! maybe if you're all aware, mother nature will get embarassed and give me some SUN or something. i'm not asking for 30 degree weather, but i'm asking for a little break. maybe at least 2 days in a row of sun? PLEASE?

all i can say is, can't wait for florida in 8 days...