February 8, 2011


i don't know about you, but i LOVE Post Secret. i can't wait for sunday when the new ones will be posted. Post Secret is a collection of secrets that anonymous people send in. it started with post cards, and then people got creative and started sending secrets in on EVERYTHING. paper bags, parking tickets, post cards, pictures, etc. some are heart breaking, some are inspiring, but either way i have so much respect for the people who send in their secrets. i've bought a few of the books and i love to just sit down and read them, and think about peoples stories. no matter what kind of secrets are shared, a post secret community has been formed, and that is what is truly amazing. 

check out the website to see this weeks secrets - they are updated every sunday! as well there is a facebook group and you can follow post secret on twitter. 

post comments as anonymous and share your secrets. it's amazing how good it will feel to get it off your chest, even if you're only telling a bunch of strangers.