February 15, 2011

shower playlists

admit it: we all have songs we LOVE to sing to or listen to in the shower. there may be so many that there is a need to make a playlist on our ipod entitled "shower" or "when im allowed to sing" or "CLEAN (even if the songs are dirty)." 

the reason i'm writing about this is because my roommate is currently showering. before she got in, there was no music. now? it's blaring, and i love it.

so far i've heard:
dynamite - taio cruz
ghosts n stuff - deadmau5

i can't wait to hear what comes on next. what's on your shower playlist? (i know you have one...)

i'll even let you all know - i have created many shower playlists in my time. only problem is? my playlists are sooooo good that i get way too into singing and take super long showers...WHOOPS!

keep on singing!  especially when i can't hear you & if i do, you sound good from the echo of the shower walls ;)