February 24, 2011

smile...pass it on!

the title of this blog is the slogan from a new shoe company i stumbled across in florida - they're called Sanuk. the name of this brand comes from the thai word, SanĂ¼k, which means fun. 

i'm telling you, these shoes do not feel like shoes. in fact, what's written on the tag is "they're not shoes...they're sandals." they fit like a sandal, have the comfort of the sandle, but have the look of a shoe. the best part? i bought a white pair and as soon as they're dirty you can just throw them in the washing machine!

check them out if you're looking for a good priced, comfortable shoe. my boyfriend has a pair, his mom has a pair, i have a pair, and we all love them! the mens ones are cool too because you can get the full shoe, just the flip flop, or the ones i uploaded to this blog which are a backless shoe - perfect for the summer or being down south. 

check out the site, check out the shoes, and let me know if you grab a pair! they really are great. so smile...and pass it on :)