February 21, 2011


since i'm having the best time here i don't even know what else to blog about! if you haven't checked out the florida keys, i highly recommend that you do. they really don't have that "florida" feel. today we had a beautiful lunch right along the intercoastal, and tomorrow we're renting a boat for the day to cruise through it. i'll be sure to take pictures of the HUGE houses on it. i can dream right?

on wednesday it's matts birthday so that'll be exciting in itself :) then on thursday we're going to hit up siesta beach which is apparently the second best beach in the world! I can't even explain how white the sand is - i'll be sure to take a picture! friday matt & i are renting jet skis to go down the intercoastal which i'm really excited for! i forgot my boat license at home though so have to re-write a test...annnnnoying. SATURDAY is going to be supppper exciting! I AM GOING TO GO SNORKELING WITH MANATEES! apparently you can pet them and everything! and they might even decide to naw on your snorkel if you're lucky! i hope i am :) i always thought they were closest related to the cow, but it's in fact the elephant, so i'm SUPER EXCITED. won't have time to learn to dive, but the next time i'm in the caribbean i promised myself i would!

thought i'd give another update. definitely don't miss the snow & the rain, and i'm already dreading leaving here. if anything, though, being here has motivated me to work hard so that maybe one day i can have a place down south somewhere with a nice white jeep wrangler to cruise around in!

talk sooooooon

ps...did i mention that the sunset tonight was one of the prettiest i've ever seen!?