February 8, 2011

the trouble with passion & dedication

i'll admit it (in case you didn't get it from the pictures..): i'm a leafs fan. in fact, i am a HUGE leafs fan. all you girls probably think i'm the MOST boyish for hanging leafs paraphernalia in my room. well i'm sorry okay, but I CAN'T HELP IT.

this is my problem with passion&dedication:

once you start, you can't stop! especially when once in a while Kessel gets an amazing goal. or like last night, when Phaneuf scored his second of the season...those moments give you hope! and if i give up on the leafs now...well i can't. i've honestly probably been a leafs fan since i exited the womb. although i know for a fact my mom was never as obsessed as i am, and having 2 kids probably upped her spirit, but i can confidently say that i have always been a fan. i cry when i think i have the chance to meet them. i get SO EXCITED when i get to go to a game. i flew home from halifax for this years home opener. i have Darcy Tucker's signed jersey hanging in my room. i have Kessel's jersey hanging in my room. i have probably 2 or 3 foam fingers lying around my room. and i have a huge vintage flag hanging in my room. as well, my boyfriend is a huge fan so there's really no running from the leafs.

it just really sucks...because no matter how awful we are, i cannot switch which team i cheer for. i am 100% a die hard leafs fan. even when i play NHL '11, if i'm any other team besides the leafs i don't have enough passion or dedication to the team to pull off a solid win.

some may call me crazy. and most will probably make fun. but i will openly admit that i am a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs and I am proud of it. and no matter how many games we lose, how many years it's been since we've won the stanley cup (ugh 44 years..), the guys on the team have spirit, and i will back them all the way to the next Stanley Cup win!