February 8, 2011


okay so i have recently become OBSESSED with twitter. not because i enjoy tweeting all that much and having random sketchy people know what i'm up to, but more because it's super fun to share my thoughts and have people see what i think and because i love to follow people that have cool things to say or neat articles for me to read. 

so pretty much during the super bowl i tweeted enoughhh times, and i think that everyone should get twitter because people like the Kardashians, Cosmo, National Geographic, CNN, etc. always have really neat postings! and you never get bored because literally every minute there are at least 5 new posts to read! 
so my suggestion of the day: get twitter. even if you don't want to tweet, it's really fun to follow people. and if you need someone to follow, don't fret...you can follow me!