March 31, 2011

spring forward: trends

as the weather warms up  we all start to get excited - we no longer need to layer on our clothes, we can pull out those sunglasses we've been dying to wear, and we can forget about thick pants and long sleeved shirts. but with all of these clothes forgotten about, what DO we wear now that it's spring? if you were afraid that you might start to fall behind now that you've finally mastered the fall/winter trends, don't worry! i have the top trends for spring right here! this year look for BOLD STATEMENTS. don't be afraid to wear crazy colours from head to toe, and don't be afraid to stand out:

this season gilded statement pieces rule the jewelry trend!

shop NEUTRAL! the colour goes with everything!

make a statement in bold colours like this cobalt blue watch (**HINT - MOM: I LOVE THIS!). this rule applies to shoes as well! go wild!

another bold colour to watch? RED. it's all over the run ways! also look out for any hue of green, yellow, etc...anything that will make a statement.

these pants aren't just about the's the FLARE that's back! i don't know if i'm quite ready for that yet, but once i see it i'll probably give it a try. as well, keeping with this 70's theme - don't forget the floral patterns!

*i didn't find these trends myself! go to for more!

the dancing sea creature

i wish these existed

March 30, 2011


quote of the day

i didn't mean to have an "old" theme today...i just liked the quote :)

the feeling never gets old

there's no thought more comforting than being able to grow old with that one person who you love. 

born to express love

this is a pretty good remix! It's a LadyGaga/Madonna/David Guetta mix :) enjoy!

March 28, 2011

it's hard to keep up

what is this you might ask? oh, no big deal...JUST THE IPHONE 5!! it will probably be released late summer 2011, and i am excited, but also upset! i got the iphone 4 in october and thought i was soo up to date in technology, only needing to add an ipad! now there's going to be a new phone! apple makes it sooo difficult to keep up with technology when you're on a student budget!

thoughts on the new phone? as my boyfriend puts it, "HOW SLEEK IS THIS"...sleek is definitely a good word. i don't have details on the other details of this phone, but for all you gadget lovers, what are your thoughts? IM SUPER EXCITED and maybe i'll pass on the iphone 5 so i'm prepped for the iphone 6 ;)

lots of kisses

kisses & love...all you need

pretty in pink

define rainbow

designer fruit

i wonder how much a bunch of these would cost? actually, i wonder how you grow these ;)

say goodbye to the weekend

i hope all of you had a great weekend! i can tell you that besides watching the fashion movie marathon and the leafs lose, i didn't get up to much. if you haven't seen celebrity apprentice i also suggest you check that out - its a very intriguing and exciting show!

i hope that you all have a good week!! 4 days until friday :) xo

sparkling secrets

quote of the day