March 28, 2011

it's hard to keep up

what is this you might ask? oh, no big deal...JUST THE IPHONE 5!! it will probably be released late summer 2011, and i am excited, but also upset! i got the iphone 4 in october and thought i was soo up to date in technology, only needing to add an ipad! now there's going to be a new phone! apple makes it sooo difficult to keep up with technology when you're on a student budget!

thoughts on the new phone? as my boyfriend puts it, "HOW SLEEK IS THIS"...sleek is definitely a good word. i don't have details on the other details of this phone, but for all you gadget lovers, what are your thoughts? IM SUPER EXCITED and maybe i'll pass on the iphone 5 so i'm prepped for the iphone 6 ;)