April 8, 2011

drop the drugs. literally.

ALERT to all Dalhousie Students, and students/halifax citizens: do you really know what's in the drugs your taking? PLEASE read this & BE CAREFUL:

Several young Haligonians have gotten seriously ill after ingesting bad ecstasy and at least one is still in hospital, Halifax drug officers said Thursday.

"They were in a serious medical condition," said Const. David Lane, with the RCMP-Halifax Regional Police integrated drug section.

"They were admitted through (the emergency room) and the ICU, I believe, sometime over the weekend. I know one is still in."

Most of those who fell ill are believed to be young men 18 to 25, but there could be more people who got ill from the bad batch of drugs, police said.

"I would consider it to be serious (when) all these people were healthy," said Lane. "Now they’re in the hospital for days.

"The people who did talk to us said that the medical staff were amazed how much (treatment) it did take to get them back."

Most of those admitted came from different areas of Halifax Regional Municipality and didn’t seem to know one another, said the officer.

That makes the police warnings more serious because it appears the bad batch of the synthetic drug (MDMA) may be large.

Foley said organized crime groups in three provinces — British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec — make all the ecstasy sold in Canada and about 80 per cent of what is available in America.

The United Nations has labelled Canada and the Netherlands as the world’s two largest producers of ecstasy, he said.

Canada’s production levels are staggering, said Foley, adding that ecstasy is often cut with cheaper drugs, a possibility in these latest incidents in Halifax. Those drugs could be methamphetamines, amphetamines and ketamine, a drug used by veterinarians.

"They’re putting in cheaper things in like that."

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