April 8, 2011

living the dream

i wanted to take the time to blog about an article/interview i read recently about a friend i went to high school with, Naomi Wintzen. we went to the same school since grade 1, and she left in grade 11 to get her credits done somewhere else as you will read in the article. to make a long story short, she went to university and then finally dropped out to pursue her dream. backed by her family and friends she moved to new york to do what she loved to do: dance. her most recent project is going to be working with Yemi, Kanye West's choreographer who is choreographing a music video for a band from Europe that Kanye West produced.

i wanted to share this story because it should be an inspiration. who says you have to go to university or finish school before you are allowed to chase your dream? if you can do it young, do it, and enjoy it. i encourage you all to check out the rest of the interview HERE. it really is inspiring, and refreshing to see someone so young which such a good head on her shoulders.

congratulations on everything so far naomi :) keep going & keep doing what you love...not many of us are courageous enough to do what you have done.

*all photography done by fashion photographer Danielle Da Silva