April 8, 2011

sweet n' sour

do you all remember these candies? sour keys & jaw breakers...only the BEST candy from my childhood! 

i used to eat jaw breakers like it was my life mission to get to the gum ball in the center. i'd have competitions to see who could uncover the most layers of colour first, we'd lick from different sides to make the jaw breakers into shapes that looked like dice or eggs...what a fun time. except maybe not the canker sours you'd get on your tongue and have on your tongue for DAYS afterwards! FACT: 

"Jawbreakers are also known as Gobstoppers and are among the popular candies that don’t exist in the shape of a bar of loaded chocolate. The term jawbreaker is given to the candy as it is normally very hard to bite down on and is large round ball of sweetness. Most jawbreakers consist of at least two layers of flavor and have different adaptations in different parts of the world. It is also immensely popular because of the fact that it takes a long time to get through it."

and we can't forget sour keys. SO much flavour that never goes away, and they are SO cheap aka i can buy sooooo many for barely any money...bring it on! only down fall is how sticky your hands are when you're done. but that can easily be overlooked. 

so how about we all enjoy our weekends and indulge in some childhood candy fun shall we?