June 30, 2011

drinking ages

i'm in the states right now (as all of you lovelies already know!) - kennebunkport, maine to be exact. i am re-realizing how stupid this drinking age of 21 is. i guess they want to control the rowdiness of people (but really, come on - nothing will stop teenagers!) but with all the other things we are able to do below the age of 21,  it doesn't make sense that drinking is one thing we should be limited to.

before i continue to rant, here are some drinking ages from around the world:

16: Antigua, Barbados, Germany, Poland, Spain & more

17: Cyprus

18: Canada (in some provinces), Australia, Bahamas, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Croatia, France, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, & more

19: Canada (most provinces), Nicaragua, South Korea

20: Iceland, Japan

21: Fiji, Sri Lanka, United States

No drinking age: Albania, Ghana, Jamaica, Morocco, Vietnam

Alright...so is there anything wrong with that picture? The drinking ages around the world range from no drinking age, to 21...WHAAAT. that's crazy! it's stupid to me how i can be in Canada this morning and have two ceasers, legally, before my flight, then be in the US tonight and get turned away at a restaurant even when my parents are there. As well, you think of things like voting ages (18), going to war (18), etc in the US...you can vote for the ruler of your country, hold a gun in your hand and fight for the country, but you are not allowed to have a beer or two whenever you want? I respect drinking ages because it teaches us boundaries and rules or whatever, but I just think the drinking ages should make more sense...FIO

hoe tips

young love

June 29, 2011


in case you don't know what that means lovelies, it's ta ta for now!

i am OFF to boston early in the morning! i mean knowing me i'll blog in the airport, but i thought i'd say a fair goodbye now! my clothes are packed (way too many of course), my favourite shoes are packed (again, WAY too many pairs), passport is in my purse, and my outfit for the plane is laid out!

i am beyonddd stoked to take some amazing pictures of the east coast of the US...i'm interested to see how it differs from the east coast that i currently inhabit in canada. i also can't wait to show you all my pictures when i take them! i've never been to boston either, and i am excited because i'm seeing one of my best friends for lunch & shopping when i'm downtown on tuesday!

ahhh what a great weekend i have to look forward to :) i hope you all have a great & safe long weekend! we'll be talking soon i'm sure. until then, keep causing trouble!


words of wisdom

a place i've never been

hey lovelies! tomorrow is a day i am looking forward to and have been for a while - i am going to Kennebunkport, Maine. it is a place i have never been before which is what excites me the most! i have no idea what to expect, but i am really pumped to be able to explore the east coast of the united states. i am sure that my nikon and i will have a fabbbb time! i LOVE to travel, but when it is somewhere that i have never been or never seen my excitement levels are even more heightened than normal.

where is somewhere that you have never been, but want to go? next may i am hopefully doing a climb to base camp of mount everest with my mom and my brother and my cousin jackie. after that, jackie and i are hoping to travel through asia as much as we can see in a month! life is too short to pass up opportunities of time to do things that you have never done, but really want to do.

i challenge you all to do those things that you really want to do. maybe you think you don't have the time. but believe me, you can always find it. maybe you think you don't have enough money. with some tweaking, i'm sure you can find a sufficient amount to make it happen. maybe you don't feel like "now" is the right time to do it. there really is no better time than "now" if you ask me.

i will try to blog during my travels, i am just not sure if i will have internet! nonetheless, i will definitely be finding new things to blog about while i am there and will fill you in on my trip when i am back!

happy canada day to those who are canadian, happy fourth of july to all of you americans, and happy every other day to anyone from anywhere!! talk soon :) XO

dressing up isn't just for halloween..

one of my best girl friends just told me about a very risqué, and fun night she just had with her long-term serious boyfriend. the only thing was...she wasn't she, and he wasn't he...instead, she was a secretary, and he was the CEO of a billion dollar company.  let's just say...she really wanted a promotion ;)

that's right - i'm talking about role-playing. at first, this idea sounds COMPLETELY outrageous to me...i honestly do not think that i could go through with it without laughing. on the other hand, i can see how some people would use this to fulfill some life-long fantasy or to spice up their dead relationship. if you're thinking of trying it out, here are some rules that i think you should definitely follow:

make sure both partners are aware of the situation - you can't have a naughty nurse without a willing patient!

have both partners brainstorm and get involved - what is the scenario going to be, what's the background, what are your characters, how is the plot going to unfold, etc. but don't give away the ending - that part is up to the imagination and series of events that will unfold before your eyes

always have a "safety" word - yelling out something that has nothing to do with sex like "broccoli" ensures that you know when your partner is being themselves, not their character. "stop" doesn't always mean "stop" to the naughty crossing guard!

don't laugh at your partner mid role-playing session - even though you are disguising yourselves as characters, it could still be a damage to the ego. this is your chance to live out your fantasies, so take what they are saying seriously - there is some truth involved!

June 28, 2011

when the lights go down

dirty is the new sexy

body art

heads or tails?

rainbows of the world

dating rules

a friend told me about a quote said by taylor swift and i am interested to hear what you lovelies think!! press LIKE if you agree with the quote and DISLIKE if you don't so that i can get a feel for what you all think. message me on twitter @EyeBehindLens if there's an explanation to back your choice :) XO

"If you cry over a guy, ten your friends can't date him. It can't even be considered."

proud to be canadian

again...sorry that my voice is off & it cuts me off! i'll look into fixing that ASAP 

PS - i meant to say that maine was NEAR boston, not IN boston...maine is a state! i'm flying into Boston got confused..forgive me?

words to live by

martini monday

otherwise known as rowdy monday in my vocabulary this summer. it's kind of turned into a girls thing this summer to get together on mondays and either watch the bachelorette or skip the bachelorette, eat sushi or cook dinner, and then go out for drinks. it used to be we'd go to a bar for some karaoke, but that ended up not being "classy" enough for us on monday's. plus, we wanted an excuse to wear heels ;)

so now we go to a bar called Bitter End and have martini mondays - basically double martinis are on sale for $6.25. what a deal! what a headache the next morning...aka now. but anyways, my personal favourite is the sour apple martini mostly because it tastes like juice AND there are gummy worms in them!! last night we were prime customers and kept getting extra gummies because of it - exciting :)

if you have a spot near you that sell martinis and they have a special day for them, i suggest you go! it's fun to grab your favourite girls, put on a cute outfit, some heels or wedges, and your favourite lipstick! you get to have a fun night, you end up getting tipsy by mistake, but you're not at some trashy bar with smeared lipstick all over your face.

trust me, my headache, mcdonalds breakfast, and mobile uploads are all signaling that i had a great night last night!