June 26, 2011


so i should mention why i was a bit MIA this weekend: my friend had her two rowdy cousins visit from ottawa! by the end of the weekend i am proud to say that they even adopted me as the "4th cousin" :)

why i am mentioning this is because these girls laughed at me when i told them i had a blog! is it really that weird to have a blog these days? i see it as a form of social media, which is the new way of communication in our society today. i guess it's kind of like an online journal, but i think it's neat that so many people from so many different places in the world all communicate with each other through my blog in an unseen way. the whole concept of social media is really interesting, actually, and i am looking at focusing on the aspect of how it's changed and is changing society - it's something really interesting to think about and look into!

i will leave this rant with a video. i'm not even that "techy" and i found myself hooked to the facts and comparisons in the movie.

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