June 30, 2011

drinking ages

i'm in the states right now (as all of you lovelies already know!) - kennebunkport, maine to be exact. i am re-realizing how stupid this drinking age of 21 is. i guess they want to control the rowdiness of people (but really, come on - nothing will stop teenagers!) but with all the other things we are able to do below the age of 21,  it doesn't make sense that drinking is one thing we should be limited to.

before i continue to rant, here are some drinking ages from around the world:

16: Antigua, Barbados, Germany, Poland, Spain & more

17: Cyprus

18: Canada (in some provinces), Australia, Bahamas, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Croatia, France, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, & more

19: Canada (most provinces), Nicaragua, South Korea

20: Iceland, Japan

21: Fiji, Sri Lanka, United States

No drinking age: Albania, Ghana, Jamaica, Morocco, Vietnam

Alright...so is there anything wrong with that picture? The drinking ages around the world range from no drinking age, to 21...WHAAAT. that's crazy! it's stupid to me how i can be in Canada this morning and have two ceasers, legally, before my flight, then be in the US tonight and get turned away at a restaurant even when my parents are there. As well, you think of things like voting ages (18), going to war (18), etc in the US...you can vote for the ruler of your country, hold a gun in your hand and fight for the country, but you are not allowed to have a beer or two whenever you want? I respect drinking ages because it teaches us boundaries and rules or whatever, but I just think the drinking ages should make more sense...FIO