June 22, 2011

the hair flip

guaranteed all of you girls know what i'm talking about. that moment when you're in your room. at a party. on the dance floor. or even just walking down the street with your headphones in. and that song comes on...that beat that you can't ignore. bobbing your head isn't enough. clapping your hands would look silly. jumping up and down just doesn't cut it. so...you hair flip.

it's exhilarating really. your fingers sit perfectly in your hair as your head moves at the same speed, if not faster than your hips. you don't care if you hit the girl behind you with those long locks of yours, because you are in the zone. in fact, you could go all night long. and when all of your friends join in, there's nothing to stop you from doing just that.

embrace the hair flip. there's nothing quite like it.