June 28, 2011

martini monday

otherwise known as rowdy monday in my vocabulary this summer. it's kind of turned into a girls thing this summer to get together on mondays and either watch the bachelorette or skip the bachelorette, eat sushi or cook dinner, and then go out for drinks. it used to be we'd go to a bar for some karaoke, but that ended up not being "classy" enough for us on monday's. plus, we wanted an excuse to wear heels ;)

so now we go to a bar called Bitter End and have martini mondays - basically double martinis are on sale for $6.25. what a deal! what a headache the next morning...aka now. but anyways, my personal favourite is the sour apple martini mostly because it tastes like juice AND there are gummy worms in them!! last night we were prime customers and kept getting extra gummies because of it - exciting :)

if you have a spot near you that sell martinis and they have a special day for them, i suggest you go! it's fun to grab your favourite girls, put on a cute outfit, some heels or wedges, and your favourite lipstick! you get to have a fun night, you end up getting tipsy by mistake, but you're not at some trashy bar with smeared lipstick all over your face.

trust me, my headache, mcdonalds breakfast, and mobile uploads are all signaling that i had a great night last night!