June 22, 2011

memorable smooches

a kiss is a kiss...if it's with the person you love, nothing beats it! i know in movies kisses are dramatized and made to look spectacular and perfect, but guess what girls? those "fairy-tale" kisses happen in real life too!

recently game 7 of the stanley cup finals happened in Vancouver, BC, Canada with the Boston Bruins @ the Vancouver Canucks. Sadly, the Canucks failed to take the win, but the local people of Vancouver took the loss a bit too far. Riots occurred and smoke could be seen rising miles above the Vancouver skyline. but, amidst all that, there was still room for romance:

this magical kiss was between 29-year old australia (HELLO accent!) native Scott Jones and his girlfriend Alexandra (same name as me - i have hope!) Thomas. apparently Alexandra was knocked over by crazy people in the riot, and Scott was trying to comfort her. awwwww!

here are some more memorable kisses from sports history (but i don't think any top the one from above!):