June 29, 2011

a place i've never been

hey lovelies! tomorrow is a day i am looking forward to and have been for a while - i am going to Kennebunkport, Maine. it is a place i have never been before which is what excites me the most! i have no idea what to expect, but i am really pumped to be able to explore the east coast of the united states. i am sure that my nikon and i will have a fabbbb time! i LOVE to travel, but when it is somewhere that i have never been or never seen my excitement levels are even more heightened than normal.

where is somewhere that you have never been, but want to go? next may i am hopefully doing a climb to base camp of mount everest with my mom and my brother and my cousin jackie. after that, jackie and i are hoping to travel through asia as much as we can see in a month! life is too short to pass up opportunities of time to do things that you have never done, but really want to do.

i challenge you all to do those things that you really want to do. maybe you think you don't have the time. but believe me, you can always find it. maybe you think you don't have enough money. with some tweaking, i'm sure you can find a sufficient amount to make it happen. maybe you don't feel like "now" is the right time to do it. there really is no better time than "now" if you ask me.

i will try to blog during my travels, i am just not sure if i will have internet! nonetheless, i will definitely be finding new things to blog about while i am there and will fill you in on my trip when i am back!

happy canada day to those who are canadian, happy fourth of july to all of you americans, and happy every other day to anyone from anywhere!! talk soon :) XO