June 29, 2011

dressing up isn't just for halloween..

one of my best girl friends just told me about a very risqué, and fun night she just had with her long-term serious boyfriend. the only thing was...she wasn't she, and he wasn't he...instead, she was a secretary, and he was the CEO of a billion dollar company.  let's just say...she really wanted a promotion ;)

that's right - i'm talking about role-playing. at first, this idea sounds COMPLETELY outrageous to me...i honestly do not think that i could go through with it without laughing. on the other hand, i can see how some people would use this to fulfill some life-long fantasy or to spice up their dead relationship. if you're thinking of trying it out, here are some rules that i think you should definitely follow:

make sure both partners are aware of the situation - you can't have a naughty nurse without a willing patient!

have both partners brainstorm and get involved - what is the scenario going to be, what's the background, what are your characters, how is the plot going to unfold, etc. but don't give away the ending - that part is up to the imagination and series of events that will unfold before your eyes

always have a "safety" word - yelling out something that has nothing to do with sex like "broccoli" ensures that you know when your partner is being themselves, not their character. "stop" doesn't always mean "stop" to the naughty crossing guard!

don't laugh at your partner mid role-playing session - even though you are disguising yourselves as characters, it could still be a damage to the ego. this is your chance to live out your fantasies, so take what they are saying seriously - there is some truth involved!