June 27, 2011

rules of the universe

i found a list of 99 rules of the universe, and i wanted to share a few. check out this site for the full list :)

1. you cannot know what is good or what is evil.
2. don't feel guilty about anything. nothing is your fault. 
3. if you did something by accident, according to the Universe, it was done on purpose.
4. sometimes the cost of the right solutions might be more expensive than a mistake.
5. every person is alone. a strong person accepts and blesses this solitude while a weak person runs away from it.
6. learn to love your enemy in order to win
7. do not rush things. let the process unfold.
8. intend to be genuinely interested in yourself. it will teach you dedication.
9. learn how to say no
10. understanding is above knowledge.