June 22, 2011

salad secrets

alright so i will be the first to admit: im not a big salad eater - at all! and this is why me + diets = not a good mix because i hate to give up those tasty beautiful carbs! but lately i've been going to the gym (kind of) and trying to eat a bit healthier (like actually purchasing fruits & vegetables). mostly because i know i NEED to do these things since this summer in halifax has proven to be a cocktail fest 24/7, but also just because i'm 20 so why not?

the point is, sometimes eating better isn't actually that hard! i mean if i can do it, you can definitely do it! tonight for example i wanted chicken. i could've made a chicken burger, or chicken pad thai - how GOOD would that have been? but instead i decided to incorporate chicken into a salad. it takes away the bread & noodle factor, so it gives me some room to add a BIT unhealthy stuff to the salad and actually make it good ;)

i took some chicken, BBQ'd it with some diana sauce & montreal spices, then sliced it. i put it on top of a ripped up heart of lettuce, sprinkled a bit of parmesan cheese & a few croutons, then added a dabble of ceaser dressing! *WARNING: dressing is where you can ruin the healthiness of your salad. try to be better than me and substitute the creamy stuff for the oil & vinegar based stuff! anyways, i created that masterpiece and enjoyed it outside on the deck with a glass of water and i was decently full!

other great salads are those thai/asian salads, buffalo mozzarella cheese sliced on top of tomatoes with balsamic drizzle, or whatever your heart desires! point is - it's not THAT hard to eat your carbs and favourite foods but still be somewhat healthier than normal! give it a try :)