June 26, 2011


have any of you beauties heard of Shellac before? well if you're a nail biter, are tired of your manicures chipping in days, are worried about chemicals in normal nail polish, or hate how long you need to wait for your nails to dry, you should definitely look into Shellac!

it is made by CND and it goes on like polish, and wears like a gel! it isn't made with formaldehyde, toulene, or DBP like normal nail polishes do! i got it done in red the other day. a normal manicure was like $30, and to add Shellac was another $20. but the next time i go back, i won't need a manicure so it will only cost me $30 for shellac. (if you get it with a mani its cheaper). i guess it's a bit pricey but it's literally no maintenance once it's on! i'm a nail biter as well and haven't even attempted to bite it off. it's been on for 5 days and still looks as shiny as it did when i had it done! it gets dried like gel as the manicure goes on, so by the time it's done completely there's nothing left to dry and you can jump right into your wallets. it's seriously great :)

right now there's not too many colours out, but it's becoming more popular and salons are going to be getting more colours soon! it doesn't even look like a thick gel on my fingers, it just looks like a fresh manicure every day.

to find out more info, check out this video it's really neat!! i hope you girls consider this new product, i think it's going to be great! i'll let you know that mine holds up for the 14 days ;)