June 27, 2011

remember when...

so considering my blog is called the eye behind the lens and how i talk about i love taking pictures to hang on to the memories, i thought i'd get a little more into that topic!

how many of you have a memory or keepsake box? maybe more than one? i know that i have one that my cousin made me, i have one that i made myself, one from when i was a baby, one from a past relationship. it's amazing how they're all memory boxes, but they're each different in some way. the one from my cousin has objects in it that we both have, pictures of us from when we were little, friendship necklaces, notes we've written each other, and all on the outside of the box she wrote down memories that we've had together. it's so comforting to look back and know that both of you remember those times. the one i made on my own has more things in it: letters from friends, birthday cards from friends or family, old pictures, etc. my "baby box" has things like my first soother in it, my footprint as a baby, my baby book that my parents filled out, etc. the box i kept during my last relationship has everything from movie stubs, to post cards, to pictures, to dried up flowers. i just think it's so amazing that whenever i am feeling a tad nostalgic i can just open up one of the boxes and time travel to those moments.  you don't need to always think about those times, but whenever you feel like it everything is stored for you to look back on. i've made keepsake boxes for friends, along with scrap books, memory books,  and i am always the person who gives framed pictures or personalized calendars as gifts!

speaking of pictures, i also have TONS of photo albums and framed pictures. i have baby ones, elementary school ones, high school ones, and an album from university. it's nice to know that whenever you want, you have the option of going back.

how do you keep your memories stored? maybe you don't need a box, or a photo album, but we all have that special place where we hang on to all of the memorable moments.