June 29, 2011


in case you don't know what that means lovelies, it's ta ta for now!

i am OFF to boston early in the morning! i mean knowing me i'll blog in the airport, but i thought i'd say a fair goodbye now! my clothes are packed (way too many of course), my favourite shoes are packed (again, WAY too many pairs), passport is in my purse, and my outfit for the plane is laid out!

i am beyonddd stoked to take some amazing pictures of the east coast of the US...i'm interested to see how it differs from the east coast that i currently inhabit in canada. i also can't wait to show you all my pictures when i take them! i've never been to boston either, and i am excited because i'm seeing one of my best friends for lunch & shopping when i'm downtown on tuesday!

ahhh what a great weekend i have to look forward to :) i hope you all have a great & safe long weekend! we'll be talking soon i'm sure. until then, keep causing trouble!