June 27, 2011

uses for vaseline

after reading this list i was surprised by a few, but now i'm happy i know! this will be useful :) so i suggest each of you head out and purchase even a small container of this multi-purpose product and keep one on you at all times:

  1. lip balm 
  2. hand or foot moisturizer - leave on with socks & mittens for just 10-15 minutes to see a difference!
  3. all over moisturizer - after a shower/bath apply all over your body and you'll have soft skin
  4. eye makeup remover - even removes waterproof mascara as well as doing the job of soothing your eye area
  5. scrub - mix it with sea salt and voila, you have a scrub!
  6. protects a manicure - if you put some vaseline at the base of your nails, it stops the colour from running
  7. shaving (i LOVE this one) - put a very very thin layer on the area that needs shaving and shave - do not use water! just don't apply too much or it will plug up the razor. it leaves your skin extra soft & smooth!
  8. softens elbows - if you apply to your elbows daily it softens them
  9. maintains fragrance - apply a thin layer to wrist or neck before spraying on perfume and it makes the scent last longer
  10. seals in split ends - if you put some vaseline on your split ends it seals them and makes it look like they're not there
  11. cream blush - mix some with lipstick to make your own cream blush!
  12. tames eyebrows - put some on your brows before bed for extra moisture and molding of the shape
  13. stain remover - removes makeup stains from clothes
if you know of any other uses for vaseline, let me know, but i think this will get you started :)