June 23, 2011

we made the rain stop.

magic exists. not in the form of wands or fairies (you never know!), but in other forms. in signs. in the way things work out. in the words of "everything happens for a reason." in love. in forgiveness.

i really believe that. and im sure many of you do too. last night, i was hit with these realizations. they could not be ignored, they were handed to me on an antique gold platter :) and that love cycle blog i posted a few days ago? it's wrong. because no where in the cycle is there anything positive like "forgiveness" or "respect."

i don't really know where i'm going with this, but i woke up today just feeling relieved. feeling free. feeling okay about everything in my life. and if you really take a moment to step back, and look at the series of events that make up your life, and examine how they fit into one another and how every little thing has influenced something else...it makes sense, and it's comforting, and it's these thoughts that allow me to have no regrets.

i'm not talking about each little thing like how what you ate for lunch influenced what you ate for dinner than what you said to your mom. i mean in the bigger scheme of things: you love and have your heart broken so that you can learn from it, and become a better person. as long as you give it your all,  you have no reason to regret that part of your life. or how if someone hurts you, and you move on with your life while hating them. what is the point? why bother to hate someone? maybe they hurt you. maybe they were mean to you. maybe they didn't treat you how you would have treated them. but without that pain, or that slight veer off of the right path, how would you know what "right" really felt like? how would you have learned the things that you did or become a stronger person?

there is no point in blaming other people, or the world, for how we are. it is our choice whether or not we look at a situation half empty, or half full. i like to look at the half full point of view. i've lost best friends through transitions of life, but instead of sitting around and being upset, i realize what i learned from them, and how i can use those lessons to make my life even better. i've had my heart broken, but i don't and never will resent, or hate the people that broke it. it doesn't make them a bad person. it doesn't mean they are not worthy of anybody else. it just means i have to choose how to look at it. and i look at those "bad" times, those "rough" times, even those amazing times of my life as chapters. and once everything has closure, and that chapter is complete, there is no point of re-visiting the negative. all that you should do is cherish the positive, and be able to look back and smile. maybe even meet up with the person who did you wrong, let them know that you forgive them so that they can forgive themselves, and be able to laugh about those good times that you both had together. that is how you move forward. and that is how you keep the people that you know are meant to be in your life, in your life forever. and why forget? why regret? at one point you were having the time of your life. i know that i wouldn't want to take that away.

i feel like this post will be continued because i can't quite get all of my thoughts out. if any of you can relate, or have similar situations, or questions, let me know. it may aid in the writing process :)