June 27, 2011

who likes to party?

every girl loves a good party! whether that be a BBQ, a mixer, a cocktail party, a baby shower, an engagement party, or just a wine and cheese for the girls, we all love them! unfortunately, not all of us are blessed to have kris jenner as our mom, and some materials and ideas are out of our near reach. so what can we do?!

lucky for us, there are people we can hire to do these jobs. not all event planners are reliable, friendly, or know what you want. but a friend of mine started up a company this past February in Toronto, ON called Creative Element Event Design and would love to hear from you!. they offer free event consultations as well :) awww!

Creative Element plans everything from corporate or social events to weddings! an event for 10 people? no problem! an event for 2,000 people? they can do that too! Creative Element is devoted to providing excellent customer service at all times, and giving you the event that YOU want. they will work around the clock to ensure that your event is a success!

if you are at all interested or know someone who is, check out their website, follow them on twitter, or take a look at their facebook page!