July 15, 2011

beauty tips

hi lovelies!!
i stumbled across these beauty tips that you should all know!! i wish i had a notebook filled with tips so that i could access them on the go. i learn all these things and then seem to forget them when i need them! anyways, take a look, i think you'll find at least a few of these new and useful:

1. Applying eyeshadow on top of eyeliner with a damp cotton wool bud will keep the eyeliner in place for longer

2. Eye drops placed into the eye during the day will make the eyes sparkle and help to relieve tiredness from use of the computer – great to have in your bag or on the desk

3. Eyebrow tinting – great for fair skin and fair hair as it enhances the colour of the eyebrows and brings definition to eyes and face

4. Brush your lips with an old toothbrush every day and apply Vaseline, as this will remove dead skin

5. For tired feet – stand up and lift one leg at a time behind you and rotate the foot, repeat with each foot 10 times