July 6, 2011

im back from kennebunkport!

hey lovelies!!

i am BACK from an amazing trip to kennebunkport, maine! it was my first time there and i can guarantee you that i will be returning many times!

what to tell, what to tell? well, it was definitely interesting and different spending Canada Day outside of the country that's for sure! there was still acknowledgement of the celebration such as americans saying "enjoy sharing this weekend of yours with my holiday!" but no one really caught on to the fact that i chose to wear white shorts, a red tank, and red sunglasses on canada day. oh well!! i had planned to interview an american on that day, in fact a very good looking american who worked at the hotel, but he was actually so good looking that i chickened out. whoops. but im sure all of your ladies understand!!! celebrating the fourth was fun though! the americans are so patriotic i wish we could be more like them in that sense. every house had red white and blue hanging from it somewhere.

while i was away i got some great ideas of things to blog about, so that will be coming shortly!! the weather was PERFECT - couldn't have asked for a better tan! the outlet shopping could not be beat (new coach wallet and new ralph lauren sunglasses whoopsies...) and the views of the surrounding landscape were happily captured by my nikon. oh wow did my nikon and i have fun :)

i thought i'd share a few pictures with you all! if you haven't had the chance to visit kennebunkport, you really should!!! it's a small community but filled with a huge amount of culture, kindness, and spectacular views. as well, George Bush Sr. has his place there - its HUGE and the number of secret service boats that fly across the ocean each day is crazy!