July 15, 2011

a new summer track: the dirty tees

i don't know how many of you have heard of The Dirty Tees. if you have, you're lucky to have their music as a part of your itunes and every day life.  if you haven't, sucks to be you, but i'll tell you a bit about them.

the band began in 2010 and the two members are Ryan Freeman and Grant Peters from Oakville, Ontario, Canada. while in university at Western, during their first year, they began by doing remixes of songs and got a lot of feedback and support which led to quick success. last august they released their first single "where we are" and it was a huge hit! through the success of their first track, the band managed to get connected with Natasha Bedingfield and they did a remix of one of her songs called "touch." after this, the boys started a working relationship with her and moved to LA which leads me to the point of this post.

they dropped a new song YESTERDAY and i have had it on repeat since i downloaded it. it's called Miracle and it's a Fragma cover, featuring the one and only Natasha Bedingfield. you honestly will NOT regret downloading it (it's a FREE download) and you should also check out the rest of the tracks they've released. most are available for free downloads, so get on it, and start to create your summer soundtrack!

the music is unreal, you can feel the creativity of the two band members, and the genre of music is right on track with what is popular right now. i downloaded it last night before bed and it's already been played 22 times. i sang along to it the whole time i straightened my hair (and i have BIG hair so that was for a while...) and i can't wait to add it to my "PRE" playlist for tonight! trust me, it's worth the free download!

click HERE to download Miracle (Fragma Cover) - The Dirty Tees Feat. Natasha Bedingfield
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UPDATE: this song was mentioned on PEREZ HILTON and is now top 50 on hypem, so get listening!!!