July 21, 2011

the olsen twins

where are those girls these days?! if you know, tell me, cause i miss them!

i've been home sick a few days and i cant seem to concentrate on anything other than drinking green tea and watching movies, so today i got into some old olsen twin movies! i watched new york minute and holiday in the sun. both movies have just been so carefree and nice to watch! my next one on the list is our lips are sealed!

i'll admit, during most of the movies i can't tell which is which, but that doesn't matter to me. both girls are just so full of life and energy, and so naturally beautiful, and down to earth seeming. even though they are twins though, you can tell that each of them have their own personality and that's what i love!!

if you need a "way back playback" but in movie form, check out some of the olsen movies. they're to die!